1. I have sent some ETH to my Sigma wallet, but I can't see it in my balance! Please do the /chains command in the bot and make sure you are on the correct chain. If you still can't see your balance after that, make sure the transactions were sent on the blockchain.

  2. How can i see my existing tokens (that were not bought with Sigma) in the bot? Paste the contract address of the token that you would like to see. After doing that once, you will see the token in your /positions menu.

  3. What does Alpha mode mean? Alpha mode disables all of the security checks of the bot and lets you buy into high taxes, honeypots, blacklists etc., etc. Red is disabled, green is enabled.

  4. What does FoF mean? FoF stands for First or Fail, meaning that if you don't get the first position in the block, your transaction will fail. Red is disabled, green is enabled.

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