๐ŸคžManual Buyer


The token is resimulated every single block, and the information gets updated automatically. Pool Info: Routing DEX, Market cap in USD, Liquidity | % of tokens that are still in the liquidity pool. Token Info: Buy | Sell taxes, Max transaction in % (if there is one), Supply that is burnt in % (sent to a dead address), Supply that will be dumped by the contract when it becomes unclogged in %. Useful links, Your Sigma level [Current experience/Experience for next level].

Wallets and Gas
AntiRug and Slippage

Instantly after clicking any of the Buy buttons, a Pending window will appear: Some information will be displayed: Contract address, What mode you are using, How much ETH you are spending | Gas used | How many wallets used, Block number | Current gas in the block, Etherscan link. Your transactions will be completed in 1 to 12 seconds, depending on when you enter the block. After they are completed, you will see a new window: Some information will be displayed: How many transactions completed, Contract address, Average cost in ETH for a single wallet, Block number | Current gas in the block, Transaction hashes | Total ETH spend for specific wallet. You can also click the button View in Sell Bot to be instantly transferred to the sell menu.

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